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You can help. It’s easy! Donate to help change the landscape in Bahrain to promote safe, effective, evidence based treatment for individuals with autism and developmental delays.

The Foundation is entirely volunteer run. This means that our costs are low. And, much of our costs are non-recurring start-up costs. Future donations will go to:

ABA therapy produces incredible results, as is seen over and over again in ABA centers around the world.

In Bahrain, however, there is a lack of certified professionals and centers who can offer ABA therapy. Therefore it is Omneyat’s main mission to change this discrepancy and tackle the problem at the roots. By offering Bahraini nationals to become a certified BCBA therapists the number of available therapists will increase over the due course of time and hence the costs of therapy will be reduced. It’s a simple offer and demand calculation.

ABA therapy requires many hours of one-to-one therapy with highly trained and costly professionals. One day of ABA therapy in Bahrain costs between BD40 and BD160. The children we work with require daily 1:1 therapy sessions lasting 4 hours. For these results to be possible there is one crucial element: frequency. The more severe the condition, the higher the frequency of ABA sessions required.

This means that for many families the financial burden of ABA therapy runs into many thousands of dinars a year. By making a donation, you can help a child who would be deprived of ABA therapy solely because of this financial burden.


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